These 7 Cardio Exercises At Home Will Shape You Perfectly

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Are you one of those kinds who don’t want to go to the gym and prefer to have cardio exercises at home? Do you want to know which cardio exercises you should perform to lose weight? People nowadays avoid going to the gym and doing heavy workouts rather than doing exercises at home only. Especially at the covid19 pandemic, People have worked out at homes only because all the gyms were closed due to lockdown.

Here is a list of some cardio exercises at home that you should try to make yourself fit & healthy.

List Of Cardio Exercises At Home

1. High Knees – Best Cardio Exercises At Home

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Stand straight and bring your arms and legs together to your side.

Lift one knee towards your chest. Simultaneously lower that leg and repeat doing this activity with another knee. Alter your arms and knees, pump them up & down.

2. Jumping Jacks

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Add jumping jacks to your daily cardio exercises at home. This workout will make you move your entire body and increase your heartbeat.

Jumping jacks tone your outer & inner thighs, laterals, deltoids, and quadriceps, and in contrast, jumping jacks always pop-in your tummy to tone your abs. You can efficiently perform this exercise at any time and any place.

3. Box jumps – Best Cardio Exercises At Home

The box jump is amongst those cardio exercises at home that are useful for your lower body. This exercise tones your buttocks and upper thighs and can also improve your overall fitness and health.

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4. Dancing

If you wish to include other cardio exercises at home, then start shaking your legs on any dance number. Any workout that lets your heartbeat pumping exercise your cardiovascular system and some dance moves help build your muscles.

5. Stairs Running – Best Cardio Exercises At Home

Stair running is another workout for cardio exercises at homes. This workout will build-up your lower body’s power and strength and keep your heartbeat pumping. Give challenge to yourself by altering between sideways staircase run & regular staircase run to burnout calories. Make sure to wear the best pair of shoes during the workout.

6. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the best cardio exercise at home. You can burn out more of your calories if you jump only for 20 minutes. From training professionals to athletes, all are doing this exercise with ease and comfort. You can also perform this at regular intervals, but keep in mind to do it away from kids and avoid long jumping hours.

7. Squat Jumps – Best Cardio Exercises At Home

Another easy going home workout is squat jumps. According to its name, you need to do a squat and then jump up and reach as much high as you can and again land back. It will create a massive impact on your muscles and knees. So, avoid these squat jumps if you are a beginner or if suffering from a knee injury.

Conclusion on Best Cardio Exercises At Home

Cardio exercises at home will save your money rather than moving to the gym. These cardio exercises at home will let you know that you can turn your own home into a gym. So, try these fantastic home cardio workouts to maintain your health and lose Some inches!

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