Push-Up Bars Workout Board

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Push up bars help to take your fitness to the next level. You can now purchase this cool colored push up bars board and enjoy working out at home or anywhere else you want. This board comes with various features and added advantages. Mentioned-below are various features of this board and the advantages of performing push-ups regularly.

Specifications Of This Push-Up Bars Workout Board

This color-guided push-up board lets you perform push up variations. These variations help to target different areas of your upper body. The colors correspond to each area of your body where you should place the handle grips. The red color is for the shoulders, green is for the triceps, blue is for the chest workouts and yellow is for your back workouts. This board has a non-slip handle grip with a

cushion attached. It is made from ABS plastic and features dimensions of 59.5 x 18.3 x 1.8 cm.

Push-Up Bars Workout Board

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What Are The Advantages Of Doing Push-Ups?

Push-ups help to build your upper body strength. By performing this exercise daily, you work your triceps, shoulders and pectoral muscles. You need to maintain your proper form while doing these. If done properly, these can strengthen your core and lower back too. Push-ups help to build overall strength. They also help to create balance and stability. These help to build muscle density. You get a defined upper body too. While performing push-ups always ensure that your body is aligned straight. You need to lift your hips a bit so as to ensure proper weight distribution. Your hands should be aligned with your shoulders. Also, make sure that you do not lift your shoulders while doing push-ups.

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Where To Buy This Push-Up Bars Workout Board?

You can shop this push-up bars workout board from lcpshop.net. This eCommerce site sells a wide range of unique and interesting products that can change for life for the better. Icpshop offers easy shipping and quick delivery norms. You can easily shop an item sitting at home within a few clicks of the mouse. This board is light-weight and portable. You can take it with you wherever you travel so that you do not miss out on your exercise regimen.

Push-Up Bars Workout Board

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Features Of This Push Up Bars Workout Board

This board helps you execute the perfect push up with ease. You need to be careful with your form to avoid injury and to gain maximum benefits. Performing the right push-ups is always a challenge, but now, with this board, you can do these easily. Push-ups affect different muscle groups in the body. This push-up board comes with a color-coded guide that lets you know which handle to grip for working out a specific muscle. The setting up of this board is quick and easy. All you need to do is to put the handles grips where directed on the board. The handles are made of silicone and the board is quite thick and does not shift from the ground.

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