Nutrition For The Fit Female: Top Ones

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With the advancement in the technological and scientific world, we now find women in every sphere. Be it in the industrial sector or in the fashion industry women have proved their talent in all the fields. Since the physiological built of women is different from that of men, they need different nutrition. Moreover, the majority of women handle both their professional career and their home as well. Therefore, they need to keep themselves fit to prevent any obstacles in their career growth. To stay fit, the females need to follow a specific Nutrition For The Fit Female plan that caters to all the needs of their body. Moreover, they also need to stick to certain nutrients only.

Let us have a look at various nutrients required for the fit female. 

Nutrition For The Fit Female: Top Ones
Nutrition For The Fit Female: Top Ones

Carbohydrates As Nutrition For The Fit Female

As per the research, women need more carbs as compared to their male counterparts. Women need to consume at least ten to twelve grams of carbohydrates each day. To keep up their energy level, they need more carbs. Furthermore, carbohydrates provide them with more energy level as well. Therefore females should opt for rice and all other products that contain carbohydrates. 

Calcium As Nutrition For The Fit Female

According to the latest research, the bone density of women tends to decrease after the age of 30. Furthermore, women tend to suffer from many bone-related diseases such as arthritis, joint pains, etc. Therefore it becomes essential for the women to opt for more calcium that keeps their bone strong. Women should consume more milk products, eggs, tomatoes, etc. that tend to be a rich source of calcium. 

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Iron As Nutrition For The Fit Female

Females tend to lose a considerable quantity of blood each month during their menstrual cycle. This leads to a decrease in the amount of blood in the female body that finally leads to anemia. The majority of women in the world suffer from anemia due to the extreme loss of blood. Therefore, women need to consume more iron than generates plasma in the body. Spinach, lentils, cereals, beef, etc. tend to be rich sources of iron. Moreover, iron also helps in the production of red blood cells, as well. 

Nutrition For The Fit Female: Top Ones
Nutrition For The Fit Female: Top Ones

Vitamin E As Nutrition For The Fit Female

To stay fit women also need vitamin E that consists of a massive concentration of antioxidants. Moreover, it provides the women body with many minerals as well. Sunflower seeds, almonds, etc. tend to be a rich source of vitamin E. 

Vitamin C

Along with the above-mentioned nutrients, women also need vitamin C to stay fit. Vitamin C keeps cold at bay and also keeps the bone strong. Moreover, it provides for collagen as well in the female body. Strawberries, lemons, etc. tend to be a rich source of Vitamin C that women need to have in their diet. 


Another essential nutrient that women should have in their diet tends to be folate. Folic acid prevents anemia and produces blood in the body. Cereals, lentils, spinach, pasta, etc. tend to be a rich source of folic acid.  

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