Natural Bodybuilding Vs Steroid Use

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Everybody wants to gain muscle fast. As a result, the use of steroids over natural bodybuilding has been on the rise. Unlike natural bodybuilding whose maxim is hard work pays; steroid use assures rapid gain of muscle with lesser exercise.

Although there is the ultimate achievement of the fast gain of muscle, the consequences of steroid use can be dire. To ensure that you know the benefits and disadvantages of both natural bodybuilding and steroid use, we engaged professionals and came up with this article.

Here, you will find unbiased insight on both thus making it easy to decide what best suits you and the outcome you want to achieve.

However, before delving into a comparison of natural bodybuilding and steroid use, it is critical to offer information on steroids and its effects.

What Are Steroids? How Do They work?

Steroids are substances that trigger the production of testosterone (a male hormone responsible for male characteristics). Due to its muscle building effect, steroids provide for faster mass gain as compared to natural bodybuilding.  

Before using steroids, however, it is advisable to consult a professional as they require a prescription. Although it is said to be more comfortable, it is worth to note that without a proper diet, results are not as high.

Also, like the latter, you need to exercise adequately after using steroid else you risk gaining weight without forming muscles.

Natural Bodybuilding vs Steroids

Natural Bodybuilding Vs Steroid Use
Natural Bodybuilding Vs Steroid Use

1. Cardiovascular Fitness

Due to the well-rounded nature of natural bodybuilding routines, it increases the supply of oxygenated blood to tissues. By engaging in cardio fitness, you enable your muscles to use oxygen well and offer enough energy for movement.

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Unlike natural bodybuilding, steroid workouts often involve weight training exercises thus undermining cardio fitness. According to researchers, excessive or prolonged use of steroids can weaken the left ventricle in the heart.

Since it is the primary pumping chamber, the heart pumps lesser blood to the body and puts you at risk of heart failure.  However, before engaging in bodybuilding exercises, ensure that you consult a specialist as it may be dangerous depending on the composition of your body.

2. Long Term Effects

Owing to the intensive workouts involved in natural bodybuilding, an increase in bone density and slow declining of muscle is seen. Steroid bodybuilding, on the other hand, is associated with cardio complications, liver disease and damage to organs responsible for reproduction.

Also, muscle gained from the use of steroids vanishes after quitting your workout routine and is accompanied by bulking of fats in the body.

3. Addiction And Dedication

With many endeavours,  easy achievements are always addictive. Although steroids are not addictive parse, the results are what causes one to feel the need for prolonged use. As such, they expose you to the risk of prolonged use thus calling for rehabilitation.

Bodybuilding does not have to be a deadly venture. Owing to the risks posed by using steroids, it is only wise to engage in natural bodybuilding exercises. For this, ensure that you get professional insight when preparing a bodybuilding workout routine thus having training that adequately addresses your needs.

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