Must-Have Gym Bag Deodorizers

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After a while, you can expect your gym bag to start smelling. This is normal because you store a lot of sweat-soaked items in it, like your gym towels, shirts, socks, and shoes. The smell can be distracting to the other gym goers but thankfully, there’s a quick and easy solution for it. All you need are gym bag deodorizers. Here is our list of top picks for gym bag deodorizers.

Moso Naturals, Bag Air Purifying Natural

Must-Have Gym Bag Deodorizers

This is the easiest way to maintain an odor-free environment. You can place these bags in your shoes, gym bag, and various luggage. These gym bag deodorizers are made of porous moso bamboo charcoal. The charcoal absorbs odor and moisture. This can make your bag odor-free and dry. You can expect that your gym bag will stay mold-free, mildew-free, and bacteria-free.

This deodorizer also leaves no residues, unlike powders or sprays. You can also reuse these deodorizer bags for up to two years! All you need to do is to let it dry under the sun for about an hour. Do this once a month and you’re ready to reuse it again.

Odor Check Natural Air Deodorizer Purifier Odor & Moisture Control

Must-Have Gym Bag Deodorizers

Odor Checks is very easy to use with astounding benefits. It is mostly composed of activated charcoal that can remove odor in just a few hours. Leave a bag of Odor Check in your gym bag and come back in two to three hours. You’d be surprised to note that the odor will be gone. This can also reduce moisture to keep your equipment fresh.

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capsole Antimicrobial Odor Eliminator Moisture Absorber

Must-Have Gym Bag Deodorizers

This deodorizer is specifically made for shoes, but it can be applied in other areas too. It has antimicrobial properties that specifically target odor-causing bacteria. These capsules prevent mildew and fungi from proliferating. It is revolutionary because it targets the root cause of bad odor.

The only downside is that a few of the capsule’s beads may fall out, but it’s nothing that a simple sweep can fix. These capsules are good to last you for up to five years. They’re portable and discreet, perfect for the tiny compartments in a typical gym bag.

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