Ideal Weight Training Tips For Women

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The importance of exercise in general wellbeing and weight loss cannot be overemphasized.

Physical activity improves sleep and mood, reduces pain, and prevents diseases, in addition to weight loss. Also, weight training is important for every woman, no matter the age.

Here are some useful weight training tips for you.

Set Weight Goals

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These goals don’t have to be so huge. Running an extra lap, drinking one more cup of water, or doing twenty squats instead of the usual fifteen would go a long way. You can start small and build up from there as you go on.

Warm-Up And Cool Down

These are important parts of workouts that are often skipped. Exercising on stiff muscles is not advisable as it can cause strained muscles.  Therefore, warm-ups prevent injuries from training and improve blood flow. It also readies the muscles for activity. Some examples of warm-ups are brisk walks, slow-paced jogs, and stretches. Cooling down is done by slowing the speed of your workout towards the end. This is better than halting the exercise suddenly or abruptly because it will help to adjust your circulation. It will also allow the body to recuperate quicker.

Eat Healthier

A healthy diet is as important as exercise. For a quick weight loss process, foods rich in fiber, e.g. green leafy vegetables, beans, oats, etc. should be eaten regularly. Fibers aid proper digestion and make you satisfied faster. This would help you eat less. Also, you should cut down drastically on carbs. This includes white bread, rice, pasta, etc. which have low fiber and are easily digested. Because of this, you get hungrier quicker.

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Carbs should instead be replaced by fruits and vegetables. Crunchy fruits such as apples are also a great substitute for snacks. Processed and fried foods should also be eliminated from the diet. Rather, foods containing healthier fats, e.g. avocados and nuts, are advisable. Ketogenic diets involve removing carbs from your meals and eating mainly proteins such as eggs, fish, meat, and sausages. Because carbohydrates are the major source of energy, they should be replaced by fatty foods. A strict keto diet program will help you lose weight significantly.

Be Consistent

Losing weight is a journey and not a day’s job. A lot of people start exercising and expect to get results within a few hours. This is practically impossible. Don’t train for two weeks or a few days and stop. Rather, exercise regularly and make it a lifetime habit. You can begin by allocating thirty minutes every other day for workouts. Then as time passes, increase how long and how often you exercise.

Rest Or Take Time Off

Weight training can be stressful and sometimes you may need to rest. With this tip, you can make proper exercise plans and routines before a fresh day or week of workouts. Taking time off from your weight training program can also help you muscles and prevent muscle tears.


The process of losing weight is not easy, but it is worth it in the end. Exercise should be an important part of your daily routine to remain fit and maintain a balanced weight.

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