Fitness Tracker Apps To Get You Going

Fitness Tracker Apps To Get You Going Exercise Program

By using just your smartphone, technology gives you the power to monitor your fitness. Yes, there are a variety of fitness tracker apps available at the tip of your fingers for your smartphone, but which one do you choose? It all depends on your purpose. Do you want to track your sleep, or heart rate or calorie intake? Today, we weigh in on some of the best fitness tracker apps for your smart-phone! Let us get started.

Fitness Tracker Apps To Get You Going
Fitness Tracker Apps To Get You Going

Runtastic Fitness Tracker

Runtastic is an amazing app that lets you track your running, jogging, biking, working out or walking. It has a simple and easy to understand interface and once the data has been collected, it gives you detailed statistics with graphs indicating your performance. You can get better at your performance by using the app daily to monitor yourself. You can also find a feature that cheers you while you work out! This is a free app but it does have some In-App purchases.

Google Fit Fitness Tracker

Google Fit is a fitness tracking app developed by Google. It can track a lot of information like your route, elevation, and speed. It also gives you real-time statistics to measure your performance and progress. If you are someone that works out mostly at home, this app is perfect for you. You can also set goals for yourself and work toward them one step at a time. There are no ads in the app and you can access all the features in the free version of the app. It is surely one of the best fitness trackers available on the internet. Give it a try!

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Nike Training Club

Nike also has a unique fitness app for you. It has more than 150 workouts made freely available for you. They are also sorted into three difficulty levels to get you up to speed on your fitness goals. It covers all areas of your body, be it your abs, biceps, shoulders or triceps. What’s more? You can also stream the Nike Training Club app using an HDMI Cable or Chromecast. Like all other fitness apps, it gives you live statistics and graphs to measure yourself against your earlier performances. There are no ads or in-app purchases, making this app user-friendly and hassle-free.


As the name suggests, Runkeeper lets you store your running history and helps you create plans for your fitness routine. It needs access to the GPS of your phone to track your location and route. It can keep a track of statistics like your running pace, distance, route and also elevation. Although the app is free, you will run into some in-app purchases once you install it.

Fitness Tracker Apps To Get You Going
Fitness Tracker Apps To Get You Going

There are hundreds of fitness apps across the internet and choosing one can be quite a challenge. You must consider your fitness routine to narrow down on a particular app that best suits you. This article aims to throw some light on some of the best apps that are available without any cost on the internet. Hope you had fun reading this!

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