Fitness Program For 4-Week

Exercise Program

4 Week Fitness Program:

To reach your goal, you need to work beyond your comfort level, and once you start doing it, you will realize that your body can do a lot more than your imagination. While pursuing your fitness goals, it is essential that you know that everything is possible if you have that mental strength to do it. The four weeks fitness program at Polar will not only strengthen you physically but also mentally. These four weeks will bring assured results if you will power to do it. If you want to discover yourself, the four weeks challenge is exactly what you need. At Polar, overall fitness is the goal instead of focusing on a particular segment. Narrow goals are easy to attain, but it is important to have long term results. Getting into this program will not only change your fitness level but will also change your lifestyle for good.

Fitness Program For 4-Week
Fitness Program For 4-Week

By reducing the fat and increasing the strength, this training will also make you flexible and active. A sudden change in your routine can be fatal; hence, it is advisable to take a detailer and structured plan from health experts. You will see great results with time. One has to be committed and focused on doing practice this kind of fitness program. Every week there will be a different challenge. These challenges will motivate you to leave your comfort zone. Movements and reps will change every week to get the best results. At the end of this program, you will lose weight, also build strength.

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 Increasing Your Strength In Fitness Program

Time under tension is the time duration one can exert their muscles. The maximum time you can strain your muscles. In workout sessions, TUT improved by concentrating more on giving strain. The no of hours you, a workout doesn’t matter if it not done correctly. Slowing the workout will allow us to concentrate more on posture and mechanism.


It is very important to recover when you are straining your muscles. Workouts tend to create some minute damages to the muscles. Hence, it is important to give time to recover. Healing the damaged muscle will bring positive results. For example, if you have a wound and you do not give it time to heal and keep scratching it. It will surely never be healed and will even become worse than before. At Polar, recovery is made by increasing blood flow by building damaged muscles. Light exercises promote blood flow.

Fitness Program For 4-Week
Fitness Program For 4-Week

HIIT: it is very important to burn the muscles. Thus, this includes mobility and strength training together. The most results will be generated by a combination of cardio and strength training. The exercises that will cause you to go out of breath are most effective. This is perfect for people who wish to burn excess calories.


Mobility allows you to experience a full range of movement. Strength is not enough to reach your goals, and mobilizing each muscle is essential. Once you gain full motion, then the pain and aches will eventually fade away.

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