Fall In Love With Tom Kerridge Weight Loss

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Tom Kerridge Weight Loss: How did Tom get a six-pack in ten weeks? After seeing his dramatic transformation, he wrote in the Daily Mail: “I was absolutely mortified by how I used to look.” He explained:

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Fall In Love With Tom Kerridge Weight Loss

“You see them on TV – the six-pack and the six-and-a-half-inch abs – and every week I was left wondering if I was on the right track. Then I realised I wasn’t. Think about this: we’ve all been looking in the mirror at our own body for most of our lives, and you don’t have to have a six-pack or a six-inch waist to recognise that you are not looking good enough.

Following the Tom Kerridge Weight Loss Programme.

“This is what happened to me when I decided to start following the Tom Kerridge Weight Loss programme. I saw a plan that would give me the best chance of being successful. I also realised that there were plenty of plans out there for people like me.”

In addition to the great body shape, Tom says that he has lost weight, especially fat, and gained strength. “This makes a huge difference. For example, as I started to lose fat, my energy levels increased and I felt better.

More About the Weight Loss Plan

He went on to say: “The plan has helped me be more active and take part in less TV watching and ‘cell phone time’. It is now possible to walk to work, meet friends outside pubs and restaurants and take my children on walks. I still love drinking and socialising but I have lost weight and kept it off so that now I only drink small amounts at weekends.”

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“Tom says he can now even get into the gym – but for now he uses the machines and does some light-weight exercises with friends.” When I read that, it gave me a great sense of confidence.

Tom says that if he hadn’t joined the Tom Kerridge Weight Loss programme then he wouldn’t have found the answer he needed. “After I had finished I couldn’t believe it: I’d never known that anything could do such good things for you physically or emotionally.”

“I still think there is a long way to go but it has given me back my self-respect and confidence in my own skin. Now I have a lot more to live for and a new set of values which make me happy.”

This weight loss plan is certainly one which has made Tom feel good. The program is simple, easy to follow and has a positive attitude that will help you succeed.

How To Follow the Programme

To follow the programme, you need to decide how much you want to lose and Tom will show you how to set goals. He explains, “You don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself, and you shouldn’t just start at the end. You should plan your progress so you don’t feel too frustrated or discouraged.

Goal setting should be as realistic as possible and not too ambitious or too low. Just choose a goal and then set achievable, weekly targets for the first two weeks so that you know exactly where you are.

Goal setting should also include what you will eat and drink to achieve your goal, so that your diet will be more nutritious. Tom says, “The food you eat and drink have an effect on your body, so it makes sense to get the correct nutrients every time.”

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Tom Kerridge standing in front of a brick building
Fall In Love With Tom Kerridge Weight Loss

There are also support groups to help you keep on track and the best thing of all is that these groups can be found online. So, if you want, you can ask questions and discuss what has been going on in your life. There are also online support groups where you can share your stories and ask questions with others who have suffered similar problems.

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