Exercise For Fitness One Can Do Without Equipment

Weight Training

Everybody wants to keep their weight in check and look good. Sometimes, the budget can be tight thus limiting you from going to the gym or even acquiring equipment. However, this does not necessarily mean you cannot work out. Here are exercise for fitness you can do from the comfort of your house without needing equipment.

Weight Lifting Exercises For Fitness

1. Squats

Among the best practices for muscle toning, squats top the list. Squats are meant to work the leg muscles and increase cardio activity in your body thus affect the whole body. As a result, you gain boosted mobility and balance, therefore, boosting your productivity.

As a beginner, you should start with fifty squats per session before increasing the burden. However, just doing squats doesn’t assure your result with your exercise and fitness routine. Doing squats well is what counts.

Stand with legs splayed slightly wider than your knees and feet pointing outwards. Cork your head to one position throughout the exercise to exert pressure on the body uniformly squat down and spring back up again ensuring you retain the former pose.

While at it, weight should be on your heels and not the toes. By exerting pressure on toes, you risk injuring yourself and limiting the number of squats you can do.

2. Walking Lunges

Exercise For Fitness One Can Do Without Equipment
Exercise For Fitness One Can Do Without Equipment

Similar to the former, body lunges are great for thighs, biceps and play a crucial role in boosting mobility. Unlike in thrusts where you remain in one fixed place, this infuses motion into your workout thus improving on cardio. As a result, this ranks among the best exercise for the fitness of your entire body.

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For walking lunges, begin at a standing position with your feet splayed. Take a big stride ahead while the other foot remains on the former stance. Now, your leg should be at a ninety-degree angle. Pull the other limb forward and take the next stride with the foot that was erstwhile stationery.

To prevent harm while performing walking lunges in your exercise for a fitness routine, do not take a huge stride forward as you may exert too much pressure on the knees. If you feel pain in the knee, consult a physician to get it checked.

For maximum benefits from your exercise and fitness routine, do up to twenty walking lunges per session. Also, the more pace you use when going about this, the better the results you gain for cardio.  As you increase the pressure, ensure that you increase the speed proportionally.

3. Triceps Dips

Exercise For Fitness One Can Do Without Equipment
Exercise For Fitness One Can Do Without Equipment

An excellent exercise for the hands, butt, and feet are the dips. However, triceps dips aim at your triceps in hands thus best for fitness of the upper body.

To do triceps dips well, find a raised ground, stool or chair that is strong enough to accommodate your weight without sliding. Next, put your hands on the bench and extend your feet until you sit in the ground.  Ensure that your hands have a little bend to exert pressure on triceps.

Press your hands on the surface to lift your body until your hands are straight. Relax to the starting point and ensure your body is in contact with the ground. To gain the most from this exercise for fitness, do it up to twenty times in a speedy face so that it can impact on cardio.

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Apart from the exercises mentioned above, cardio activity like running and jogging is also good for your fitness. To get your body in shape and tone muscles, ensure that the above exercises feature in your workout routine.

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