Cross-Training For Cycling: Tips For Using Running

Cross-Training For Cycling: Tips For Using Running Exercise Program

As a cyclist, you must have a fantastic fitness. But running is excellent, whether you are aiming to improve your performance or trying to bring a variation in your practice schedule as a cross-training. So, it is a great idea to hit the running ground. Remember to consider some essential points before starting.

Why Are You Thinking Of Including Running As Cross-Training?

You are a cyclist, so you have immense love for bikes. However, if you are a beginner, running will strengthen your different muscles and increase bone density. Since cycling is not an impact sport, it improves your cardiovascular functionality but does not help to build bone density. Impact activities like running, dancing, jumping, jogging, have an impact on your bones. And gradually, they get stronger. As your bones become more powerful, you will be less prone to osteoporosis, arthritis, bone fracture, when you grow old.

Cross-Training For Cycling: Tips For Using Running
Cross-Training For Cycling: Tips For Using Running

Running provides you a relaxing sensation, in between your tight biking schedule. You will enjoy running after a close race. However, cycling needs a continuous focus while on a busy road. Cycling is a comparatively easy sport. You can even chat with your running partner while on a casual practice or just warming up your body before the biking schedule. Moreover, it works as a refresh button in your strict practice schedule.

Cycling is not possible in every weather condition. Imagine you stay in such a place where the winter is chilled, or it rains in most of the days of the year, or it is dark during winter nights. On the other hand, you can run to keep yourself fit in these adverse conditions until it becomes okay for cycling. Furthermore, running being so intense, will help you achieve the optimum fitness within a few weeks or months.

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How Will You Include This Cross-Training In Your Daily Sports Regime?

You can run during the offseason of cycling. This time you don’t have the pressure of your biking performance. You can run as much as you wish. During the cycling seasons, you leave it behind. You can hardly make time for it once or twice a week as a part of a warm-up before the commencement of a tight biking schedule.

Cross-Training For Cycling: Tips For Using Running
Cross-Training For Cycling: Tips For Using Running

Get A Pair Of Running-Specific Shoes

You might already possess a pair of athletic shoes. But my suggestion is to buy one pair specifically for running. The shoes you wear for walking in the park with your pet will not work for such a sport.

Give Your Body Enough Time To Get Adapted To This Sport

Don’t push your limits to enhance the speed soon. Keep on increasing the speed and distance gradually. Let your tendons and ligaments to get familiar with this high impact sport. Otherwise, there is a possibility of injuries. Hence, be cautious. Start with brisk walking for 2 minutes, then running for 3 minutes and finally 2 minutes walking. You can also include jogging and jumping in the schedule, and a 1-minute walking break.

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