Building Muscle With Horizontal Pull-Up Tool

Build Muscle With Horizontal Pull-Up Equipment Exercise Program

Building muscle is something that most people love to do to keep their body fit and admirable. That’s why many people visit the gym. There is no particular age to workout. People who are young do gym to grow muscles and stay fit to look good and promising.  People who have age more than 40-50years does gym to maintain their body balance and body structure and also to maintain the blood pressure level. They mainly do gym to stay fit and healthy. Looks are not a priority for many in this age group.

With the gym bar door horizontal pull-up equipment installed at your residence, you will definitely have no excuses not to exercise. Pull-ups are one of the most influential bodybuilding exercises . It is not only for hands and shoulders but also for the entire body. You can perform varieties of exercises with this special pull-up instrument.

With this equipment, you can work out any time of the day. The choice of time is up to you to decide. You even don’t need to spend bucks on gyms or yoga classes. No membership fees at any places. 

Most importantly, you don’t have to make any schedule to do workouts by going to the gym. This gym bar door horizontal pull-up equipment can be used by people of all ages. 

Horizontal Pull Up Equipment For Muscle Build Up

Setting Up The Bar

Use your door frame to install this steel bar and start exercising right away. This gym bar door horizontal pull-up equipment can be used for both push-ups and pull-ups safe use when you add barbell collars for safety . It’s great for building muscles. The installation can be done within 2-3minutes and is super easy to do so. You just have to rotate each side in the alternate direction and that will allow the bar to extend on both sides in the door frame.

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For pull up exercises, you can attach it on just the top of the door frames and on the lower part for push up exercises. This gym bar is very easy to use and is very effective if you plan to do gym workouts at your home. There won’t be any problem while opening or closing the door when this bar is attached to the door frames and this bar doesn’t take up too much space also. 

Strength And Durability

This gym bar door horizontal pull-up equipment is made of strong and durable steel material which is unbreakable even when it is used for heavyweights. 

Both the ends have silicone material do that the door frames of the house are not damaged at all. The foam grip on these bars is comfortable and easy to use which prevents the hands from slipping and allows secure and safe trip each and every time. The product is very easy to install and super easy to use. 


The bar comes with a weight of 1.5kg and has a weight capacity of 150kg to 200kg. There is a foam cover for better grip. The length of the bar is 100cm.

Pros Of The Muscle Building Equipment

The gym bar door horizontal pull-up equipment is very easy to use. It’s great for building muscles as well. There is no chance of hand slipping while you perform your exercises.

Full-body exercises can be performed with this bar which is very durable. Takes up very less space in the room to install. Doesn’t damage the wall because of the silicone material present on both ends. It is great equipment that can help you do proper and perfect exercises at home. You don’t need to go to the gym at all once you have this special gym bar.

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The price of this gym bar door horizontal pull-up equipment comes at $37- $57 online which can be shipped all over the world once ordered. 

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