Bike Workouts The Triathletes Need

Bike Workouts The Triathletes Need Weight Training

It is often said that the bike race is a double-edged sword to the triathletes. The reason it is called so since the bike workouts is the easiest to make any improvements and the triathletes lack the practice time for developing their cycling.

If you genuinely want to improve your cycling, a few bike workouts can be your great help. You don’t even need to spend long hours on it. But you will have huge benefits, that’s my promise.

The Long Ride Bike Workout

Irrespective of the distance you are competing for or your skill level, you have to go the same distance as the others on the starting line. To face this race challenge, the easiest way is to enhance your bike endurance gradually. Go for a specific distance in the first wee, in the second week go longer. This way, improve your bike endurance until you can go longer than the race distance. This workout got its name as over distance ride.

Increase the distance week by week so that biking long becomes more comfortable for you, and you can comfortably cover any distance in the race. Every week increase 5 to 10 percent distance without straining you.

Bike Workouts The Triathletes Need
Bike Workouts The Triathletes Need

Keep on practicing until you qualify the distance and time as follows,

Sprint: 30K to 35K

Olympic: 70K

70.3: 115K

IRONMAN: 5.5 hours

If you can manage a single long ride each week and practice for five weeks consecutively before the race day, and follow the mentioned time and distance, then you will notice remarkable improvement as the race day comes around.

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The Intense Ride Bike Workouts

If you practice the long ride, to go a long distance must have been easier for you now. Now you will want to master the speed. This, too, does not demand much of your time, 30 to 60 minutes, that’s it. But a reminder once more, this is intense means this is truly intense. Take it as a warning.

To increase your VO2, MAX is where the intense ride focuses. Now, what is VO2 MAX? It denotes the amount of air your body can process. It is the factor that determines your success in any triathlon. This will improve all the components, from sprint to IRONMAN.

How Will You Increase Your VO2 MAX?

Start the intense bursts in winter so that you can put much effort. Keep it short and take enough rest during the whole workout. Your first workout should ideally be like this.

Warm-up: 5 minutes

8 minutes hard effort: 6 sets with 2 minutes rest

Cooldown: 5 minutes

These workouts will help you cover any race distance effortlessly and much faster than before.

Bike Workouts The Triathletes Need
Bike Workouts The Triathletes Need

Apart From The Two Primary Exercises, Try These Bike Workouts To Get A Better Output

Swim a week thrice: two long-distance swims and one interval swim

Run thrice a week: two 6 miles and one 10 miles

Lift weights thrice a week

Shoulder workouts: Do lateral raises, front raises, cross overs

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