Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Exercise Program

Exercising is an activity that helps us to maintain our physical fitness and overall health. We exercise for various reasons like improving strength, prevent aging, muscles, improving the cardiovascular system, etc. Most commonly we exercise to lose weight. We can choose to exercise outdoors or indoors. We should always set a goal before exercising so that we keep focus and concentration to work hard towards something. And we should all exercise daily to keep ourselves fit and active.

Nearly half of the world’s adult population tries to reduce weight every year and exercising is the fastest way to achieve that goal. Thus exercising helps us to burn calories which results in weight loss. When we exercise daily, we come across various pitfalls, like sometimes we put too much effort and time exercising but end up eating more, which affects negatively on our body. On the other hand, if we put less time and effort while exercising, we’ll get negative results. Thus we need to understand the amount of time and effort we require to invest while exercising for fruitful results. In this article, we will discuss the best exercises to lose weight fast.

Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast
Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Walking As An Exercise To Lose Weight

When we start as a beginner, walking seems very easy and convenient. According to various sources, it is estimated that we can shed nearly 60-70 kilos (i.e. nearly 155 pounds) if we continue walking 30 minutes each day at moderate speed. Apart from the health benefits, it is easy for us to incorporate walking as an exercise in our daily lives as we can perform it whenever we get time. Walking requires no external equipment.

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Cycling As An Exercise To Lose Weight

Cycling is one of the most basic forms of exercise. It not only helps us to shed our body weight but also improves our fitness. Although cycling is an outdoor activity, most of the gyms and fitness centers have stationary bikes that allow us to cycle while staying indoors. It is said that we can burn up to 155 pounds of body fat if we cycle for 30mins every day. According to various sources, it is also known that cycling improves our body fitness, increases insulin creativity, and lowers the risk of heart diseases, etc.

Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast
Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Do Swimming

Swimming is an exciting and fun way to lose body fat. According to Harvard Health, nearly 155pounds (approx. 70 kilos) of body fat can be reduced by swimming for 30 minutes daily. The number of calories reduced depends on the type of swimming. We can burn up to 280 calories by performing backstrokes, nearly 370 calories by breaststrokes, almost 360 calories by treading water, and approximately 400 calories by the butterfly stroke.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is another popular form of exercise to reduce body weight and stress. According to sources, we can reduce up to 145 calories per 30 minutes of performing yoga. Thus we can burn about 150 pounds of fat by performing yoga for half an hour every day.

Thus by incorporating these exercises into our routines, will give us a healthier and fitter life to live.

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