Best Exercise Balls of 2019

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Exercise balls are a must-have. They provide a fun way to workout. A lot of offices even swap out their chairs for exercise balls in order to squeeze a few minutes of workout. Exercise balls keep your muscles engaged and your core strong. You can also use them for yoga or for pregnancy classes. If you’re planning to purchase one, then here’s the list of the best exercise balls that you should check out.

ThereBand Exercise and Stability Ball

Best Exercise Balls of 2019

This ball is weight-tested to carry up to a thousand pounds. You can choose from five different sizes and some colors. It comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter. This is friendly for beginners because the exercise ball comes with a poster that illustrates twenty-four exercises using the ball.

This ball is one of the balls with the thickest walls. It also deflates very slowly which is part of its architecture. Balls that deflate slower are typically safer.

Dynapro Exercise Ball

Best Exercise Balls of 2019

The Dynapro Exercise Ball is perfect for portable workouts. It inflates quickly so that you can get started with your workout right away. The ball inflates using the accompanying hand pump. In just a few minutes, the ball is ready for whichever workout you choose to do that day –yoga, pilates, or even as a desk chair in your office.

This ball is tested for up to two thousand pounds. You can guarantee that it won’t burst out of the blue. The ball is also made with a PVC casing that makes it resistant to puncture. What more can you ask for? This is versatile, portable, and heavy-duty.

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Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

Best Exercise Balls of 2019

This is one of the tougher exercise balls in the market, designed for more hardcore workouts. The balls are tested to withstand up to 2, 200 pounds of weight. The material is very thick, made of professional grade PVC that are BPA and non-toxic. You can guarantee that this is safe for you and your family to use. Additionally, this ball is also resistant to punctures.

The ball comes with a workout guide and a pump for the ball. The company also offers one year warranty so that you can get it repaired or replaced when damaged.

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