Best Ab Exercises To Do At Home

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Are you looking to strengthen your core and gain abs fast? Is your schedule too tight to accommodate time for going to the gym? If your answer is yes, then home ab exercises are the ideal workout equipment go-to for you.

Apart from allowing you to do them in your free time and without a squat rack, home ab exercises are cost efficient as they require little equipment. Due to the massive list of ab exercises, choosing the best ab exercises that will transform your belly to a coveted six pack abs is only necessary.

For this, we consulted various bodybuilders and trainers and came up with a list of ab exercises you can do from the comfort of your house.

1. Sit-ups

After burning your calories, you need to engage in specific workouts to influence the muscles that gain most. Sit-ups are not only the most common exercises to build abs, but also the most efficient.

To do this, get a mat for working out and lie flat on the ground. Next, fold your feet at an angle that they are in firm contact with the ground. Cross your hands behind your head and then pull your upper body towards your knees.

When starting, do about twenty-five of this in every workout session and slowly increase the pressure.  Before beginning ab exercises, however, begin with a calorie burning exercise thus clearing any fat in the tummy.  

2. Toe Touchers

Another great ab exercise you can do at home is the toe toucher. Since it affects your core, toe touchers ensure that you not only get abs but also harden them. Like the latter, lie on the ground with your back and lay your arms beside your body facing down.

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Raise your feet to an angle of about 80 and keep your feet together. Next, raise your upper body while trying to reach your toes and repeat this for up to twenty times. For a faster gain of abs, try to have this in your endurance ab exercise routine.

3. Crunches

Best Ab Exercises To Do At Home
Best Ab Exercises To Do At Home

The oldest trick in the book for forming abs is doing crunches. If well done, the exercise reaches the core of your body, therefore, achieving balance and stronger abdominal balance. As such, they fall among the top ab exercise to do at home. For crunches, lie on your back with knee bent.

While at it, ensure that your ground is of varying height to place your feet on the higher ground. Lift your thorax slowly off the body and retain the position for some minutes.

For maximized gain, pull your abdominals inside to avoid over bending your back. Do up to fifteen crunches repeatedly to see more benefits. If you have back and neck problems; however, consult with your doctor to know if it is safe for you to engage in ab exercises.

With the above home ab exercises, you are not only assured a great appearance but also toning of deep sited muscles. However, to rip more gain, ensure that you engage in cardiovascular activity, therefore, doing away with excess fats from the body.

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