About The Weighted Vest For Running

About The Weighted Vest For Running Exercise Program

Introduction To Weighted Vest For Running

Weighted vests, as a resistance training tool, have become quite famous in recent times. They are readily available and can be purchased at a Sports store. You can also buy them online. The military often uses the method of running with a weighted vest in combat training. Hence, they are also known as “military-style” training. Get the weighted vest for running.

About The Weighted Vest For Running
About The Weighted Vest For Running

In boot camps, running with heavy equipment prepares men and women for combat conditions.

Way To Use It

If you want to use this vest to increase your running speed, here’s the way to use it.

Do not add any weight when you begin by running at full speed for a short distance. Watch the way it shapes your form and ensure that it does not shift. Then start by slowly increasing the weight in your training sessions. However, it should not exceed three pounds at once. You must try to keep up your current reps and speed.

Other Possible Exercises

You can also use weighted vests for exercises other than running.

1) Weighted Training:  You work against gravity at a greater intensity when you wear the vest during weight-training. Although more research is required to demonstrate this, studies have shown that the addition of weighted vest during training improves bone density.

2) During Cardio: You burn more calories by wearing a weighted vest during cardio exercises. It can also be used as gym equipment or during boxing classes.

Benefits Of Weighted Vest For Running

Your running posture improves if you run wearing a weighted vest. It also helps in increasing your speed. According to a study, few long-distance runners showed a 2.9 per cent increase in speed after weighted vest training.

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This method of training has tremendous potential to be achieved. Some more benefits are given below:

Cardiovascular Benefits: Your heart rate increases if you run with a weighted vest. This helps in improving the condition of your heart. Your heart pumps more blood into your veins as your body puts in more effort to push you forward. This is because your body has to carry extra weight.

Musculoskeletal Benefits: Your bone density increases if you run with a weighted vest. According to a small study, loss of hip bone can be prevented if you exercise regularly using a weighted vest. It is also the best exercise to prevent osteoporosis.

Improves Balance: Your balance improves as you run with a weighted vest. It happens because you are more cautious about your posture when you are using the vest.

About The Weighted Vest For Running
About The Weighted Vest For Running

Some Precautions To Be Taken

Please ensure the following precautions will using a safety vest.

1) You must ensure that the weights are equally distributed around your body. It is essential to secure them as you can injure yourself if they shift while running.

2) Always begin with the minimum weight and then work up at each ensuing session.

3) Always consult your doctor to ensure that you are fit to carry heavy vests. Doing so is important to know whether your body can endure such heavyweight or not.

4) In case you have osteoporosis, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using a weighted vest for running.

Thus, keep the precautions mentioned above in mind before you include a weighted vest in your daily exercising schedule.

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