A Transformative Total Core Workout For Men

A Transformative Total Core Workout For Men Exercise Program

Workouts for humans are an essential part of life. Moreover, exercise helps us to build our personality by making us look in great shape. On the other hand, it helps us being healthy in this ever polluted and competitive world. There are different types of workout, including jogging, running, cardio, yoga, and heavyweights. However, one of the most popular types of workout is the Transformative Total Core Workout For Men.

A Transformative Total Core Workout For Men
A Transformative Total Core Workout For Men

Know More About Core

Whenever we talk about the term core workout, the picture that comes to our mind is a slim waistline with a toned six-pack or eight pack abs. However, the total core workout is much more than the waistline and abs. The core of a human body starts from just beneath the chest line until above the hips portion. Therefore, the total core workout will include areas of the waist, spinal stabilizers, obliques, hips, and abdomen.

If we talk about more specifically, the core of the body includes four muscles of the abdomen. They include the external obliques, the rectus abdomen, the deeper transverse abdomen, and the internal obliques. Moreover, the other parts of the core include the lowe back, the spinal stabilizers, the hips, floors, glutes, and dozens of other muscles. 7

Total Core Workout For Men

Let us look at some of the most effective Total Core Workout For Men.

The Plank Core Workout For Men

The plank is one of the best exercises. Moreover, a plank is not only an exercise for the abdomen but also other parts of the core. If done properly, a plank is effective for the pelvic floor muscles, the lower back’s quadratus lumbermen, and the rectus abdomen, more popularly known as six-packs abs. Other than these areas, planks get good results in large muscles of your upper back and legs, spinal stabilizers, and glutes. 

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For doing the plank properly, put your hips in line with the shoulders and the ankles. After that, one needs to solidly their lower leg. Then slide your hands down your hips. Make a fist, and after that, activate the pelvic floor by squeezing as hard as one can. Hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. This is how to plank is done.

A Transformative Total Core Workout For Men
A Transformative Total Core Workout For Men

Back Extensions

The back extension is yet another total core workout for men. Moreover, this workout has different other names, such as The Superman workout and the lower back exercise. Moreover, this exercise is mainly about the foot movements and placements. Therefore, if you maintain accuracy, you can perfectly do this workout. This exercise not only is effective for the spinal extension and glutes but also for the upper back and shoulder griddle muscles.

For this exercise, first, you need to lie on the mat, with face towards the mat. After that, you need to stretch your arms over the head. Then slowly and gradually raise both the arms and feet to about 6 inches. However, make sure that you do not do it for a long period of time. However, this workout is aq bit challenging, even for the easier version. In the long run, this workout will give a perfect tone to your abdomen.

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