A Flat Belly is the Sum of Workout & Diet

A Flat Belly is the Sum of Workout & Diet Exercise Program

Yes, lower belly flab can be frustrating and stubborn. No matter how much cardio you pack into your daily workout routine and irrespective of how many crunches you do, that belly bulge refuses to budge! It’s ironic that while it’s possible to target certain muscles and make them grow bigger, you simply cannot target specific areas of your body for spot-fat reduction. It simply isn’t possible. If it were, plastic surgeons would be out of their most highly paying jobs, right?! During workout and exercise, your body decided where it will lose the fat from and the lower belly area just happens to be almost last on the list (at least it seems that way!). Its time to burn belly fat.

A Flat Belly is the Sum of Workout & Diet
A Flat Belly is the Sum of Workout & Diet

Belly fat is hard to get rid of, we agree. And while you may be losing weight in all other places and feel happier that your glutes and biceps are toning up, that little pocket of flab at your lower belly continues to irritate and frustrate you. However, here we have 5 tips that can help expedite the fat burning process and fix that belly bulge, so burn belly fat and your svelte, toned belly becomes absolutely flaunt-worthy!

Tweak Your Diet

You still haven’t managed to burn belly fat (bulge), so it may help to create another 200-500 calorie deficit every day. Ensure that most of these calories come from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and limit your fat intake to no more than 30% of your complete caloric consumption in a day. Eating more fiber helps to prevent bloating that can also make your belly look puffier than desired!

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Go Lean

You need to increase your protein intake if you’re going to be working out extra-hard in order to lose that belly bulge or else you’ll start to lose muscle mass. Give the juicy steaks and quickly processed meat patties a miss and choose to eat healthy, lean cuts of meat. You want to limit your red meat intake simply because it contains more animal fats — stick to chicken, turkey, fish and egg whites.

Don’t Just Waste Time On Traditional Cardio

A Flat Belly is the Sum of Workout & Diet
A Flat Belly is the Sum of Workout & Diet

Studies show that High-Intensity Interval Training is far superior to regular aerobic workout when it comes to reducing subcutaneous and abdominal body fat. So don’t waste your time running extra kilometers on the treadmill every day; try a 20 minute HIIT workout instead. However, in no way do we mean that you should stop all cardio. The best routine would be to start your day with a 20-25 minute HIIT workout and get some cardio done later in the day. Why start with HIIT — you’ll find out in the next point.

Workout First Thing In The Morning

Don’t wait to get in exercise gear until the end of the day. According to research data, your body actually burns more body fat when you exercise first thing in the morning in a ‘fasting’ state, as compared to in a ‘fed’ state, wherein your body uses glycogen to fuel itself.

Target The Abdominal Muscles

We mentioned that you can’t spot-reduce fat, but you can target specific muscles, right? Use this to your advantage and focus on training the abdominal muscles. When the muscles in your lower stomach tighten and tone, you burn fat to aid in muscle growth! Win-win! To target these muscles, Leg Raises and Raised Leg Crunches are excellent exercises.

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