6 Best Ab Exercises

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Apart from well-shaped muscles, abs rank among the determining factor in rocking great looks. However, ask anybody how to build abs fast, you will either get served with bodybuilding jargon or even worse, a sales pitch of some ab machine. The few that give you good ab exercises, however, may prove complicated to understand.

To ensure that you know what to do to get abs naturally, here are the six best ab exercises to do. However, since many of these are tummy exercises, ensure that you burn off the excess calories in your body, therefore, striking perfect form.  Also, ensure that you are consistent therefore getting six pack abs within a short duration of time.


Among the best ab exercises, ab wheel roll-out remains the oldest trick on the list. By engaging your abdominal muscles, the rollers ensure that you get tight and well-formed abs. However, if you have amassed a lot of weight, you are advised to do away with excess fats thus an easy time forming abs.

During your ab exercises, ensure that you do quality rolls that will offer maximum benefit to your abdominal area. Also, see to it that you frequently do this regardless of the cramps you may feel to achieve quality results.

2.Swiss Ball Crunch

6 Best Ab Exercises
6 Best Ab Exercises

With crunches, there is a wide array of workouts for your abdomen. The Swiss ball crunch is among the most vigorous ab exercises thus burns calories and ensures the faster formation of abs. Do at least ten crunches in every workout session to see results.

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While at this, however, avoid overdoing it and get a day off to give your body time to reenergize. Also, ensure that you engage an ab exercises trainer to know how to do it best. This ensures that you burn calorie, therefore, contributes to the reduction of your weight.


With sit-ups, many are tempted to believe that the more sit-ups you do, the faster you get abs. However, like all, steady progress assures you quality results. With sit-ups, start with a number that feels comfortable to you and keeps adding a few sit-ups with each session.

To build abs faster, change your diet and adopt a low-calorie diet. This ensures that you do not put on more weight, therefore, avoiding belly fat. To know the intensity of consulting a professional thus getting the sit-up intensity that will work for you.


Squats rank among the all-around methods of bodybuilding. Apart from strengthening your legs, squats also involve abdominal muscles thus tightening them. With this ab exercise, you can throw some dumbbells into the mix, therefore, building your hand muscles.

For the best results, beef up your ab exercises by raising a leg alternatively as you perform squats. Also, ensure that while squatting you reach a 90-degree angle.

5.Leg Raise

Also ranking among the top ab exercises which impact on all areas of your body are leg raises. This tightens your leg muscles and maximizes your flexibility. By engaging in these, you get to build a stronger core and have an appealing body form.

To get abs fast, engaging in these ab exercises is only necessary. These natural ab exercises have no adverse effects like some ab machines, therefore, ensuring your well-being.

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