10 Shocking Fitness Facts

10 Shocking Fitness Facts Exercise Program

In this busy world, we do not get much time to take care of our fitness. However, we must consider fitness more essential than other tasks. To ensure good health, we also need a balanced diet. Moreover, we should spend a few hours doing any physical activity, including workout or running. There are many myths related to fitness. In this article, we describe some of the shocking fitness facts. These facts will totally amaze you.

10 Shocking Fitness Facts
10 Shocking Fitness Facts

1. Only The Exercise Won’t Make You Thin

Many people start workout or exercise for weight management. However, recent studies show that we need a proper diet along with exercise to lose weight. The British Journal of sports medicine has made an experiment on the group of people. They found that the people doing the cardio workout without dietary experience no or very little weight loss. Hence, it is essential to take the proper diet. Moreover, physical exercise has many other benefits too.

2. Long Sitting Hours Can Lead To Health Problems: Fitness Facts

You must avoid sitting for long hours continuously. It can lead you to many health issues like diabetes and heart problems. It is not enough if you spend one hour in the gym and rest all the time sitting. You must do even some of the small activities after a short time.

3. To Achieve Goals, You Must Be Active

The small exercises have many other benefits, along with health. It helps you to achieve your goals. Many studies show that these exercises improve your discipline and goad setting. Therefore, it helps you to kick off the laziness.

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4. Stretching May Reduce Your Running Endurance: Fitness Facts

Many people prefer to perform warm-up before physical activity. However, a study shows that stretching before running can reduce your stamina. You can do some other warm-up activates.

5. Women Must Focus On Strength Along With Weight Loss

You can observe many ladies in gyms for weight loss. However, they must focus on gaining muscle strength. Weak muscle strength can lead to other health issues.

6. Facebook Can Increase Your Motivation For Fitness

It is a very shocking fitness fact. Browsing social media sites can trigger your fitness motivation. A study proves that many people get motivated for weight loss due to these social media sites.

10 Shocking Fitness Facts
10 Shocking Fitness Facts

7. Heavy Exercise In The Morning Can Make You Ill

You must avoid heavy training sessions early in the morning. It can increase the risk of attacking by viruses or bacteria. However, a morning jog or light exercise is the best way to start the day.

8. There Is Different Exercise Response In Men And Women

The ladies must not follow the same workout schedule as the men. A recent report proves that women must pay more attention to their diet along with workout.

9. Married Couples Perform Less Workout

Marriage has plenty of benefits. However, married couples are less likely to perform the workouts. They often skip workouts and uncomfortable things.

10. 60 Percent People Waste Gym Memberships: Fitness Facts

According to a survey, 60 percent of the gym memberships go unused every year. However, you must not skip the exercise to stay fit.

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